The ABC's of Islamism

Everything you wanted to know about radical Islam, but were afraid to ask

What is the Islamic Caliphate? Should we ban the burqa? Does speaking out against radical Islamism make you anti-Muslim?

While the clampdown on ‘hate speech’ continues, one group in particular has benefitted from the censorship of free speech and the muzzling of concerns: Radical Islamists. Under the guise of demanding tolerance, Islamists push their agenda and control the narrative completely free from criticism. Using terms like ‘hate speech’ and ‘Islamophobe,’ they effectively silence opposition to their backward ways and heinous crimes, like those mass grooming gangs in the United Kingdom.

But in the ABC’s of Islamism, distinguished Muslim Pakistani-Canadian journalist and interfaith activist Raheel Raza tackles the most controversial elements of Islam – ones the mainstream media often likes to sweep under the rug.

On every topic from Sharia law, to female genital mutilation, to even ‘honour’ killings, Raza eviscerates the common talking points of Islamism apologists and sympathizers, giving you the forbidden facts on Islam you’ve always wanted to know, but were too afraid to ask for.

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About the Author

Raheel Raza is a leading global voice against Islamist extremism. Raheel is the Chairman of the Rebel News Advisory Board, President of The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow, a founding member of The Muslim Reform Movement, author of the book Their Jihad – Not My Jihad, award-winning journalist, public speaker, and advocate for human rights, gender equality and dignity in diversity.

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